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The "Rattlesnake"

The "Rattlesnake" was a merchant ship equiped for war during the American Revolution. These types of ships were commonly refered to as "Privateers."

This model is built in 1/4 scale from 26 different kinds of woods using no paints or stains! The yellow planking is made from Yellowheart wood. The orange is Paela (a South American wood), the black is Ebony, and the white is American Holly.

The little dots are actual nails made from a naturally green-colored Poplar!

Side View of the "Rattlesnake"

The model was completed in 1999 and has won numerous First Place, Best of Show and Best of Category Awards! This model was also featured on the front cover of the April, 2000 edition of the International magazine, "World Of Wood."

Entire Ship Photo including Masts and Riggings

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