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Imagine seeing an 18th century sailing ship, complete with deck nails and rigging, just as it must have appeared over 200 year ago. Now imagine this ship is only 4 foot long. This is the magic of the museum known as "BLUE WATER MAJESTY". All models are an exact duplicate of their full grown sisters and are made from copies of the original blue prints.
Most models are made from exotic woods. They have no paints or stains on them.
Larry Pulka has spent over 30 years building model ships to exact scale from copies of the original blue prints purchased from such places as the Smithsonian Institution.
His work gives a whole new dimension to model ship building. The model ships in the "BLUE WATER MAJAESTY" museum are built from the keel up the same way the originals were built. Some models have as many as 150,000 hand made pieces. While the focus of the museum is on sailing ships, there are also examples of vessels from a more modern era.

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