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The "Frigate"

The Frigate was the typical War Ship used by the Americans to fight the British during the Revolutionary War.

Frigate Figurehead
This is a photo of the carved figurehead of the Frigate. It is the figure of the God Aires.

The body of the figurehead is made of Loatian Boxwood, the sword blade is Holly, and the hilt and handle are Ebony. The figure is done in 1/4 scale and stands approximately 1 3/8ths inches high.

The picture below shows the side view of the model ship, showing the stern of the ship and the intricate style of carvings that were typical of the era!

The Frigate's Stern

The Frigate's lower planking is made from Holly. The dark planking, in the center of the model, is Ebony and the light yellow planking is Pau Amerilo. The dots that you see on all of the planking are actually little nails made from Lignum Vitae and they do hold the planking on the frames of the model, just as they did on the original full size ship.

This model of the Frigate has won many First Places and Best of Show awards in the last few years. It was one of four of my models that were featured on FOX TV Channel 8 News on January 24, 2001 and was on the cover of the International Magazine, "World Of Wood" for the August, 2001 issue.

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