Model Ships by Larry Pulka

The "Constitution"

The "Constitution" is the oldest working war ship in the world. She was built in 1797 to fight the British and holds the distinction of being in over 40 battles and never losing one of them!

Like the original Master Ship Builders of yore, I pride myself on paying attention to details like the ones you will notice in the following photograph.

This picture is a deck view of the model focusing on the ships double wheel. The wheel consists of 91 pieces of wood all hand-carved and is about the size of a U.S. quarter (approximately 23m.m.)

Ships Wheel and Deck of the "Constitution"

The woods used in making this ship's wheel are Laotian Boxwood, (used on the wheels themselves, spokes, and nails on the wheels), Pink Ivory and Ebony (used on the sides and base of the ships wheel), and Honduras Rosewood (used on the center spindle.)

As in all my work, the wheel on this model actually does turn the rudder of this model with the same mechanism as was used in the original ship!!

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